6 Week Learning Bundle (6x Lessons, 6x Calls)

6 Week Learning Bundle (6x Lessons, 6x Calls)

Immerse yourself in a tailored six-week English learning experience with this exclusive bundle. Enjoy the perfect combination of 6x 1-hour lessons and 6x conversation calls at a discounted price!

6x Lessons (1 hour):

60 minute, private Zoom lessons tailored specifically to your level, goals, and personality. Suitable for all levels, this is perfect for new students who are seeking flexibility. We can cover all essential English skills, British pronunciation / accent training, vocabulary and more.

6x Conversation Calls (20 minutes):

Designed for those who want the opportunity to practise real, everyday English with a native speaker. We can discuss a topic of your choice, or, allow me to suggest something fun to discuss! These calls are not only very relaxing and enjoyable, but, they will also give you the chance to improve your English listening, speaking and pronunciation abilities.

This bundle is perfect for everyday English, business English, IELTS preparation and more! See below for all the amazing perks!
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1) 6x Zoom Lessons (1 Hour): An interactive lesson tailored specifically to your level, goals, and personality.

2) 6x Conversation Calls  (20 Minutes): These calls allow you to practise everyday English with a native speaker, which is perfect practise for real life conversations, and improving fluency.

3) Flexible Booking: Book one off calls, whenever works for you. I can be flexible with your time zone / schedule!

4) Access to Lesson Materials: Get all the worksheets, PowerPoints and exercises emailed to you after the lesson.

5) Email Support for Lesson Related Questions

6) Priority Phone Support: (WhatsApp, Kakao, We-Chat, etc.) for English-related queries.